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1. The News is that you now can use more than one domain to visit our Web, as, or ...

2. From the 1st of January 2005 should the web go on to change webserver to be complete Apache Linux webserver ...

3. Then is it now a complete Linux Gentoo Web on Linux for both the Http use and the ftp us on Gentoo Linux OS system ...

4. From the 1. Frebruary 2006 is the files split in old files and new files sections

5. The 1. August 2006 has we had a harddisk crash where the harddisk there had the files put from of 1. February has loose the files

6. We hope that the most of 4Giga files has been in a kind of restored now

7. The 1. September 2006 has we gone into make startup to make some new files listning by MBSE BBS system

8. The 14. September 2006 is there been trying start the new on some Statistic for web view the is updated daily.

9 ..................................................

10. October 2011. This new web site and it other site for KofoBBS is on to be made to new look for the homepage.