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This page shows information and URLs for networks KOFO BBS and AdvNet is a part of.

Network Descriptions and Home Page URLs

FidoNet - This world wide network was one of the first to be formed in the early era of BBSes. Its a ameteur network that is run by several layers of political figures (sysops and such). The highest level is the ZC or Zone Coordinator with the ZEC or Zone Echo Coordinator. There are six zones or areas of the globe. Zone 1 is North America, Zone 2 is Europe, Zone 3 is Australia, Zone 4 is South America, Zone 5 is Africa and 6 is Asia. In each zone there are Regions or areas of that country like the SE USA region is Region 18. In each region there are Nets that subdivide it usually a city or sub area of that region. Then in each net there are Nodes which make up each individeual sysop in the network. Thus my address is 2:236/150 this means I am in Zone 2 network 2236 and node number 150 in region 18. Network 112 is Jacksonville, florida. Most Fidonet Technology style nets (FTN style) followed this as a baseline in their own design and makeup. There is no single one good fidonet page however here is one you can check out that is a good start. Check out this page here if you wish to join fidonet and are local to Jacksonville, Florida (only).
AdventureNet - This was Scott Adams baby and Fringe BBS was the Home bbs for the network. He started it back in 1993 mainly for RPGs and local folks. Then as demand grew and more nodes joined we went into a generic form. We are international on three contients and growing daily. We have InterBBS games, file echos and active message echomail areas. See the AdventureNet Home page for more details. If the link not is working is why Scott Adams has retired from Adventurenet and closed all system down, he runs then AdventureNet from 1993 to 2007, and from February 2007 has Scott Adams given it over to 2 of the nodes Nathan Prugh as IC for Advnet and Gert Andersen as NC and NEC, It is done from the 1th. February 2007 and should be the future of AdventureNet and in hope of growning we hope. The new homepage like the old is been setup to work See the new AdventureNet Home Page and for more details on it in the future.
ZeNet - This is a FTN style network that has InterBBS game and echomail areas. It is a WorlWide sized network. Visit the Home page
JustaXnet - This is FTN style network that has InterBBS game together with Zenet and echomail areas- This is a WorldWide sized network. Visit the Home page
STN - This is the Sysop's Technical Network (STN). It is a dedicated FTN style network for Sysops and users. It specializes in the area of bbs and helping others. There are many echomail areas from bbs support to windows OS talk to y2k issues, among many others. For more details visit the STN home page.
RMiniNet(tm) - RminiNet too named RMINI is great FTN network like FidoNet, it was started beside with FidoNet and have many many echomail areas. Is is a WorldWide network Visit the RminiNet(tm) Home page.
These are BBS networks not networks in terms of Local Area Networks (LANs) or WANs and the like. If you are a sysop which has a bbs that would like more networks here is your chance to pick up some good nets.

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