This page allows you to fill out needed information to join League 933




I. BBS/System Name (required for to join the League
You should have downloaded the network packet with the league, reviewed it and is ready to join the League before you fill this form out. Once this is been filled out it will be email the info to us and we will process you by 12/24 hours.
  BBS Board name:
   Sysop real name: 
   City / Province:         State :
   Country :             
   Mailer :               
   Binkp address :   
   Session PW :      
    Fido Node # :    
    Advnet Node # :
    E-mail address : 
  Please List Other Networks You Belong To!
       Name:                          Node Number:
  I Wish To Join The Following Games:
  Barren Realms Elite (BRE) : 
  Falcons Eye (FE) :               
  The Arcadian Legends (TAL) : 
  InterLord 300 (ILORD) : 
  InterBBS BlackJack (GAC_BJ) : 
  InterBBS Freecell (GAC_FC) :    
  InterBBS Wahoo (GAC_WH) :   
  Arrowbridge I+II (AB1) (AB2) :     
  Lore 2.50 (LORE) : 
  Kingdoms 2.23 (KDOM) : 
  LordNet! (LNET) : 
  Lord 400a (L400) : 
  Clans (Clans) : 
  Other than those Games? (Type in the name of games here under!)
    IF you like to get some of the Game be registered, then go on reading and fill out here under!
  I like to register those games:
  InterLord 300 (ILORD) : 
  All Vanadia Games (ALLVAN) : 
  InterBBS Blackjack (GAC_BJ) : 
  InterBBS Freecell (GAC_FC) : 
  InterBBs Wahoo (GAC_WH) : 
  LordNet! (LNET) : 
     Go on for send this form!


   If all is done right then should you have send this form application to ADVNet IC now!

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