This page allows you to fill out needed information to join AdventureNet



I. BBS/Mailer Information (required for nodelist entry)
You should have downloaded the network packet, reviewed it and are ready to join before you fill this form out. Once this is filled out it will email the info to me and we'll process you promptly.
  BBS Board Name:
        City / Province:     State:
   Sysop Real Name: Alias if desired
   BBS Phone Number: (If Telnet say so or supply telnet address)
   Max Baudrate: 2400 bps   9600 bps   1200 bps
                          14400 bps 28800 bps 36600 bps
                          57600 bps Other (telnet, etc list in comments)

Check the below boxes that apply to your sytem

** Operation Flags **
CM - Node accepts mail 24 hours a day
MO - Node does not accept human callers (Mail Only)
LO - Node accepts calls from listed nodes only

** Modem Flags **
V21 - CCITT V21 300 bps full duplex
V22 - CCITT V22 1200 bps full duplex
V29 - CCITT V29 9600 bps half duplex
V32 - CCITT V32 9600 bps full duplex
V32B - CCITT V32bis 14400 bps full duplex
V32T - AT&T V32terbo 19200 bps full duplex
V333 - CCITT V33
V42 - LAP-M error correction w/fallback to MNP 1-4
V42B - CCITT V42bis LAP-M error correction w/fallback to MNP 1-5
VFC - Proprietary - 28800 Max
MNP - Microcom Networking Protocol error correction
H96 - Hayes V9600
HST - USR Courier HST 9600
M14 -USR Courier HST 14.4
M16 - USR Courier HST 16.8
M21 - USR Courier HST 21.6
MAX - Microcom AX/96xx series
PEP - Packet Ensemble Protocol
CSP - Compucom Speedmodem
ZYX - Zyxel Series Modem
DS - Dual Standard
None - Not Listed of the above types. List in comments.

** Front-End mailer Flags **
XA - Bark and WaZOO file/update requests FrontDoor <1.99a,
               2.01<, BinkleyTerm 2.1<, Dutchie 2.90c InterMail 2.01b<,
               SEmail 1.01<, D'Bridge <1.29, TIMS PoP 0.50<, Opus 1.70<
XB - Bark file/update requests, WaZOO file requests
               BinkleyTerm 2.0, Dutchie 2.90b
XC - Bark file requests, WaZOO file/update requests
               Opus 1.1
XP - Bark file/update requests
XR - Bark and WaZOO file requests
               Opus 1.03
XW - WaZOO file requests
               Fido 12N<, Tabby
XX - WaZOO file/update requests
               D'Bridge 1.30<, FrontDoor 1.99b-2.00, InterMail <2.01a
               TrapDoor 1.80<, Amiga XenoLink
?? - Not Listed Above - List in Comments.

II. General Information
    Info is confidential and is for our records only. If you have a problem with any of the questions leave blank and explain your reason for not filling it out, thanks. This information will help us resolve any conflicts with any hardware or software problems. This section is completely optional to fill in but it helps fill our confidental records.

** Personal Information**
         Sysop's Real Name
                   Alias (If any)
               Home Address
                                Zip Code

                   Sex : Male  Female
               Voice Phone Number:
          Data/Fax Phone Number:
   Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)    Your age

** BBS Information **
   BBS Software :    BBS Version :
   BBS Operating Hours :
   Front End Mailer :    FEM Version :
   Date your system went online (MM/DD/YYYY) :
   Tosser/Packer :    Tosser Version :
   CPU/model/speed (for ex. 386/33) :
   Make/Model of Modem :
   HD/size/type (ex. MFN/110/IDE) :
   Approx total number of callers on your system

** Other Information **
Other Networks you belong to (Name/Number) :

Do you hold any specific position (hub, *C, etc.) in any of the above networks? If so please state which and position :

   Would you be interested in becoming a HOST or HUB for AdventureNet? Yes   No  

   Would you be interested in becoming a Regional coordinator? Yes   No  

   Could you call long distance for mail if necessary? Yes   No  
                  If No would that depend on frequency? Yes   No  

   Would you be interested in File Echos (getting files)
       (if so consult the advnet.fbb file for details) Yes   No  

   Would you be interested in Inter-bbs Game Leagues?
       (if so consult the advnet.gam file for details) Yes   No  
   Would you like your own prefered node number? (if so what number) :

   Prefered method of getting the network : Direct Poll   Internet - Ftp  
                                                                 Internet - E-mail   Internet - Transx  
                          Internet would be using InterNet Rex methodology<
                             If Other list here

   Do you need help setting up : Your Front-end mailer ? Yes   No  
                                                         Your mail tosser ? Yes   No  

Where did you hear about AdventureNet?

Why are you interested in this network for?

Why do you want to join AdventureNet ?

List any passowrd you wish to have (areafix, allfix, packet, session, etc.) :



III. Application Policy

      You should be contacted within 2-3 days regarding your node number. If any additional information is required for you to obtain a number, you will be informed as to what it is.
      If any Info Is found out to be false it will mean an instant disconnect from Adventure Net. So Please make sure you answer all the questions as truthfully as possible.
      Failure to follow the simple guidelines of Adventure net will result in deletion from the net. Do you understand and agree to follow all rules and guidelines of Adventure net? If so Please give your name here.
   Signature (real name) :
   Date filled out (MM/DD/YYYY):
   Need a contact e-mail address just in case
      Notificatiion of acceptance or denial will be electronically sent to you within 14 days of receipt. Or you may poll the Home system for mail. Submission of this application does not automatically grant membership.
      NOTE: all systems are listed as CONTINUOUS MAIL (CM) & Assumed 24 hours. If any information in section I or II changes, you must amend this document and NetMail it to the Adventure Network Coordinator, at 33:253/1 and 33:2100/1
      You should also have a front end mailer up and running prior to sending in your application. Use 33:33/999 as a temporary node number. Unless your system is on the Internet.
AdventureNet Home System is The Kofobbs - KOFO BBS I. Gert Andersen aka Kofo SysOp/NC/NEC Fidonet node 2:236/150 Adventure Net 33:2100/1
BBS Data Line: telnet:10013 Hours/7 days a week
AdventureNet IC is Now Gert Andersen Fido Node 2:236/150 Adventure Net 33:33/0
Email: - Email to IC:

      Please note that all information on this application is held Confidential except that portion that is required for the nodelist and operation of the net. Personal home phone numbers and addresses will never be given out to anyone (without permission of owner information).
      You can send your application to a local hub for distribution back to the Net NC.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a AdventureNet node!

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