AdventureNet League 033/933

What is League 033/933 ?
It is the Games Nember of AdventureNet playing together by the Internet!

The Games in League   033/933 AdvNet:  

Barren Realms Elite   Barren Realms Elite is a 25-player strategic war game. The setting is in the future -- nuclear destruction has spread throughout the planet, and now only a vast barren void exists. As a baron under a great king, you must expand your barony throughout the planet and become the ultimate baron.

Falcon's Eye      Set in a medeival world, Falcon's Eye is the ultimate in mythical strategy war-gaming. Players compete to maintain control of the Falcon's Eye, giving them advantages whether competing locally or in an inter-BBS league.

The Arcadian Legends   The Arcadian Legends is a war game designed around empire building. Giving the player control of a variety of aspects of his or her empire, the game allows the player to set his or her priorities and build an empire to their personal liking. The choice must be made between war, trade, diplomacy, expansion, research and more. There is only a limited time, so players cannot engage in everything they may wish to.

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 212KB RAM and 1.2MB disk space. Bulletin board system software and modem recommended for multi-player play.

Arrowbridge I + II     Is a freeware BBS Door written in Quickbasic by Mark Sinclair. The game was written as a sequel to the original BBS Door, Arrowbridge I. Players can select from one of six character classes. Players will need to explore the extensive land and descend into the multi-level dungeons and dragon lairs. Players can joust each other, build castles, perform special missions, gather hints from NPC's, search for the magical orb fragments, and encounter other sleeping players. Arrowbridge II also features the capability of game coordinators creating their own lands, dungeons, missions and hints using a custom Map Editor. The game also has an inter-bbs option, where players can raise armies to invade player armies on other Bulletin Board Systems.

Lore     An on-line game of fantasy role-playing! Features a full-screen ANSI graphics interface, with a detailed and colourful moving map system. Over 1 million locations to move to! Visit 50+ cities & talk with the inhabitants interactively, or go underground in search of treasure! Hundreds of monsters to fight! Full Inter-BBS support, real-time multinode interaction, build and defend your own fully-featured bases, hire computer-controlled allies, and much more.

Immortal Combat  

Tourment Wahoo  

Tourment BlackJack  

Tourment Freecell  



Maybe Future Games :                       

Falcon's Honor


Melee Gladitoral Combat

Populus (ex Dragon Wars)

Other Games for Advnet:

Rollermania (Slot Mashine), Jewel Thief, and many more.

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