AdventureNet InterBBS Games

                ۲ Adventure Inter-BBS Game Leagues
        AdventureNet is a gaming network and as such will have Inter-bbs
  game leagues.  What is Inter-bbs?  Inter-bbs is where games can be
  played BETWEEN different boards.  Unlike standard online games these
  special doors allow you to battle OTHER boards instead of other players
  on that one board.   You can still battle local board gamers though.

     Currently Setup:

           Game                           Version       Type             League Tag
         Barren Realms Elite          0.988       Strategy/War     033
         Falcon's Eye                   1.06          Strategy/War     033
         Arrowbridge I                1.40          Rpg                   AN
         Lord Net!                      1.21L        Rpg                   033
         Lore                              2.50          Rpg                   AN
         Immortal Combat          1.70          Rpg                    033
         The Arcadian Legends  1.02          Strategy/War      033
     Possible Future Games (not setup at this time):      
         Populus (ex Dragon Wars) 1.04        Rpg
         Melee Gladitoral Comabt  3.20        Rpg
         I.S.A.                         0.992       Strategy/War
         Tal                            1.00               Rpg
         Kingdoms                 1.00               Rpg
         Falcon's Honor         1.00               Rpg
         Possibly more like Rollermania (Slot Machine), Jewel Thief,
  and many more.
        Since these leagues change often for further details contact the
  Games Cordinator via the Sysop Echo for further details on joining these
  game leagues.  We have a dedicated league echo however for all
  league activity (adv_league) and admin business.

        To join these leagues you must:
           1) having setup a FidoNet Compatabie mailer like FrontDoor
  in order to send/receive game packets OR be able to transfer packets
  through some other means like Internet transmissions.
           2) send in your AdventureNet application for a nodelist entry.
           3) Receive ONE mandatory echo - Adv_League for informational
  and administration purposes.  This echo is also for the players of
  the various leagues.
           4) Know how to set-up the games/doors themselves on your bbs.
  If not we can helpyou in the generic doors echo Adv_Doors.

        If you wish to become a FULL member of the network and recive
  the games AND message echos you should Freq 'Advnet' for the
  latest Net packet info file.
        IF you do not have the latest games or you need help here
  is a collection of magic names for freq.  If the freq does not
  work for Fringe BBS (Advnet HQ) then please contact me.

        Freq Magic Name         You get                            Size (Kb)
           Ab or Arrow          Arrowbridge latest archive    421,000    R
           Bre                       Bre*.* Latest BRE archive     299,000    o
           Pop                      Pop*.* Latest populus           447,000     u
           Melee                   Latest Melee archive             481,000     g
           ISA                      Latest ISA archive                445,000    h S
           Lore                     Latest Lore archive               540,000      i
           Imm                     Immortal Combat archive       345,000     z
           Fe                       Falcon's Eye latest archive      275,000      e
           Lnet                    Latest LordNet IGM archive  250,000
           Adv_Status         For a Inter-bbs member status info file       
           Adv_Game         Informational file for non-Advnet sysops
           Ab_hint              Advanced Arrowbridge hint file
           Ab_help             Tutorial for newbies in Arrowbridge
           Fe_node             Latest FE League nodelist
           Bre_Node          Latest BRE League nodelist
           Ab_Node           Latest Arrowbridge League Nodelist
           Im_Node            Latest Immortal Combat Nodelist
           Lore_Node         Latest LoreNet Nodelist
           Lord_Node         Latest LordNet Nodelist
        That's it!

        Rules: 1.  There will be no IP Cheating allowed.  If this occurs
                       it will be immediate disconnect from the IBBS league.
                  2.  No profanity or flaming will be allowed in GENERAL
                      game email or message systems.
                 3.  No empire names will use profanity or vulgar items.
                 3.  Unless permission is given by the Games Coordinator
                      all routing will be done through 33:409/1 or Hub.

%   END Advent.Gam                                      Updated: 1/27/2007