QWK How-To

How-To Do mail by QWK

The way on doing this is done by NC and NEC with Telnet BBS and login with real name, then check if you can do it and  go some around on the BBS.

The system will by first login give you a small user level, check out of you can take choice of msg areas and see area numbers from 1090 and up and is it going fine
then try the files areas and here the advnet files. Go then back to messages area and write a mail to sysop about your is a Advnet node and use your real name and
node number, save the messages and logout, sysop and NC will read yor messages later and maybe about shortly after or as soon he got it and the upgrade you to
a level and access for a advnet node.

Steps on doing QWK:
1. Telnet to the BBS and NC's hostname.
"telnet binkp.kofobbs.dk"

2. Login in on the BBS with your real name (No handles as login)
Real name is for a good and know user registration.
Answer on all asked questions and go right in to BBS areas
conferencs and files area, check if you allready now can
tag the areas you like to get home and download.

3. Try to write a messsage to sysop and NC in netmail area
and here tell that you is a node there like to get mail by
QWK from Advnet and is a node in advnet.
Save the messages and g to main menu.

4. Log off from the BBS and wait some days or just hours or
maybe to you get a email from NEC the telling you that you
now can login to BBS again and have been upgradet to be a
Advnet node level user.

5. Login after you have been upgraded and Sysop and NC now know
you as a Advnet Node, download you mail QWK pack/file
By this login to BBS Tag the Advnet echoes there is from
Area 1090 and do this in messages menu and use choice "A"
for area change and then asked of area number write 1090.

6. Log off the BBS and go on to start up your ofline reader.

More is there not to do, all other work is by your own system.

For Windows users use msdos prompt and the here write just ==> [telnet binkp.kofobbs.dk] and send it by [enter]
For Linux users do it your text mode box or box for dos and here write ==> [telnet binkp.kofobbs.dk] + [enter]

Gert Andersen NC 33:33/102