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  What is AdventureNet International?       


AdventureNet International is a Fidonet Technology Style BBS Network It is a medium sized network that is growing daily and is FREE to join for everyone. If you are a Sysop or even a user of a bbs you enjoy and would like to see a active network such as AdventureNet then continue to read the below features and information. We are largely based in North America but have nodes all over the world from Canada to England, Italy, Australia and many other nations. If you are worried about trnasmission costs then we have ways to make it nothing at cost to you (see our features list). The network celebrates its *8th* year (started 9/9/1993).

Features of AdventureNet
Active Echomail areas -
We have many (40+) active Echomail areas in which we have topics that range from General chit-chat to specialized topics like Rpgs, programming, Telegard Support and much more. Here you'll find topics for everyone and every demographic. We are the friendlist bunch to hang out with and will treat you and your users just right! Even if we don't have the echo here you can create and run one yourself. Some of the more active echomail areas include that of Programming, Internet, Debate (friendly debate), Generic BBS Support to name a few. We also cater to RPGs and thus will host PBEM (play by echomail) games. We tend to have at least one or two games at any one time and more are welcome at any time.
        InterNet Accessibility -
With most people having some form of basic Internet Access the network has joined this popular transmission format. Thus we have our own FTP site out in California run by the California host. Thus we can assign ftp slots to anyone who wishes to do this and we can send mail back and forth this way. The other methods include Fido2Internet, Email and any special way that InterNet rex can support. Thus there is NO cost to you in getting the mail and other packets for the network. However if you wish it, you can still get some form of Dial-up access through a front end. But we obviously recommend the Internet route since its just at the cost of your basic ISP cost or email cost. We should have hosts and hubs in your area to help out as well if we do not then we welcome any new members.
        File Echos -
We have many file echos that files are hatched from BBS software, to games to files everyone can use. We have file echos of all topics and thus cater to everyone. We also have special areas for user hatched files and requested files.
        InterBBS Games -
Most networks only do InterBBS games and that's fine but for AdventureNet they are just a sideline with the Echomail areas being the mainstay. But to those who do want the Inter BBS games we have BRE, FE, TAL, LordNet, Lore, Immortal Combat, Arrowbridge I and Arrowbridge II Interbbs leagues setup. Thus your users can play in the games they like. Unlike many leagues out there that have 150+ or more members in one league we enjoy a moderate size. To many members causes problems like bad playing for new players (they die quickly) or turn around times or just bad politics. Thus we enjoy a good size that users can manage and so can the network. We are annoucing a change in interbbs BRE/FE games with the merging of MirageNet and AdventureNet leagues 033 into league 933. This is a much larger interbbs BRE/FE game. E-mail us for details.
        Friendly atmosphere -
Tired of the infighting in networks like Fidonet? Tired of the teens who flame in every echo in the teen oriented networks? Want to be able to talk to others in a open free speech yet controlled place? Well then AdventureNet is for you. While we cater to ages from 10 to 100 we dont' tolerate teens that do get out of hand. Thus you'll be respected here and be among friends who enjoy the same things you do

How to Join AdventureNet International
There are several ways to join the network that are all FREE and easy to perform. First thing to do is download the net packet from the below file link. Read it and go through and decide if you wish to join. If you do then you have two options. You can either send the application via normal dial-up methods or fill it out and email it to me. The alternative is to fill out the network join form which will then email me the info needed.

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